UGA Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication Hackathon: Verification + Fact-checking App (TORCH)

Created the prototype Torch, an online and app-based verified video movement targeted at college newspapers. Torch is designed to provide information in concise, digestible bites to reshape the news agenda to fit millennials and what they care about. Torch pairs grassroots video from college campuses with explanatory videos that help explain common misconceptions and misinformation. Torch offers college newspapers a verified toolkit on issues to help them further investigate, illuminate and ignite participation locally.   

View the detailed presentation here.

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USC Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism Hackathon - Virtual Reality/Immersive Journalism App (VIVIR)

Created a prototype Vivir, a first-person VR (virtual reality) platform for journalism allowing users to experience news events through the eyes of its participants to offer a unique perspective and a first-person experience. The idea for this product stems from the problem that millennials do not watch news. 29% of them go newsless every day. They are less familiar with sources, spend less time with stories and distrust 8 out of 10 news organizations. How do we re-engage millennials with the news?

View the detailed presentation here